Maximize Every Ad Dollar

Get the highest ROI on your campaigns with granular analytics down to the SKU.

Dashboard Hero IllustrationDashboard Hero Illustration

Smart Analytics for
Savvy Marketing Teams

Real-time Insights Illustration

Real-time insights

Get Google and Facebook campaign metrics down to the SKU. View ad spend, conversion rates, and revenue for every product.

Market the right products Illustration

Market the right products

Leverage granular data to promote the products that drive the most revenue. Make confident decisions on what and when to mark down.

Align marketing with inventory Illustration

Align marketing with inventory

Get alerts when inventory is running low for the products driving your campaigns. Leverage Conative AI to help predict re-order amount and frequency.

Voices of Success

“With Conative, our Merchandising and Marketing teams can collaborate and track performance attributes to optimize our ad spend, better plan our content, and make quicker decisions.”

Dan Kenigsberg

CEO, Miz Mooz

Designed to
Optimize Your Every Move

Unified Campaign Dashboard

View and compare all your digital ad channels from one unified dashboard.

Granular Analytics

Analyze your campaigns down to the SKU level — so you know what products are driving sales.

Inventory Tracking

Connect your marketing campaigns to inventory. Get real-time alerts when inventory is low for top-selling products.

Merchandising Optimization

Get recommendations for how to rank products on your website based on conversions and sales.

Turn data into cash

Time is money, save both.

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