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Check out our frequently asked questions about Conative.AI

Who is Conative for?

Conative is a modern business intelligence platform for ecommerce brands. Brands can leverage Conative’s dashboard for e-commerce, wholesale, and retail analytics for inventory and marketing.

How does Conative work?

Conative offers a unified intelligence dashboard across marketing, merchandising, and inventory. 

Conative connects directly to a brand’s ERP, Shopify or Magento, and marketing channels, such as Meta ads and Google Ads, to provide advanced analytics for every team in one unified dashboard.

How much does Conative Cost?

Conative offers a monthly subscription based on a brand’s revenue. See more details on how our pricing works here.

We also offer a free trial period with free onboarding support.

What tools does Conative work with?

Conative is designed to connect to a brand’s ERP, commerce system, and digital marketing channels. 

Commerce integrations: Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce

Marketing channel integrations: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Meta Ads,

Conative offers ERP integrations through direct API or daily CSV uploads.

How long does it take to implement?

It takes most brands about 2 weeks to connect existing systems and customize Conative’s dashboard and reports. 

Conative connects to most systems through APIs — and thus, does NOT require a slow and expensive implementation.

Does Conative work for both Evergreen and Seasonal planning?


Conative provides powerful insights for both evergreen and seasonal planning and buying.

For precise evergreen forecasting, Conative works best with 6 months or more of historical data.

For seasonality predictions or forecasts for new collections, Conative’s system looks at historical performance across similar products as well as proprietary trend data. Brands can expect higher forecasting precision with 1 year or more of data.

How often does Conative sync data from connected systems?

Conative syncs data every hour with API-connected systems.

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